The Georgia Bioscience
Training Center

In 2015, the new $14 million Georgia Bioscience Training Center opened in Stanton Springs.

The 40,000-square-foot training center, a key component of the state’s long-term initiative to promote and grow the life science industries, is owned by the state of Georgia and operated by Georgia Quick Start, a division of the Technical College System of Georgia. The training center, located directly across from the site of Baxalta/Shire’s $2 billion bio-manufacturing facility, is currently dedicated to Baxalta/Shire training; however, it includes flexible space to accommodate additional life sciences companies.

Additional sites are available immediately adjacent to the training center for development of offices, laboratories, R & D, and small-stage advanced manufacturing or assembly.

Available Sites

The existing facility features custom-made technology that simulates bio-manufacturing processes such as centrifugation, chromatography, nanofiltration and aseptic filling. Space for the aseptic production of pharmaceutical-grade clinical samples is available as is the ability to deliver training on a wide range of advanced manufacturing technologies including mechatronics, metrology and process controls.

 “Quick Start and its partnership with area colleges was one of the key motivating factors for Baxalta [Shire] to build our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in Georgia.”

John Furey, Baxalta Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations

  • Serves as a component of Georgia’s strategic plan to brand the state as a global destination for bio-related industries
  • Signifies Georgia’s commitment to supporting and growing industries and jobs in bioscience/bio-manufacturing
  • Offers a leading-edge, state-of-the-art, customized workforce training center for companies in the life sciences cluster
ga bioscience training center
ga bioscience training center

The Georgia Bioscience Training Center

Architecture of the Georgia Bioscience Training Center

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